Acer tamukeyama
(Japanese Maple)

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Foliage Colour: Purple/Red
Height: 200 cm
Width: 200 cm
Growth per Annum: Medium
Climate: Hardy
Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade
Soil: Dry
Category: Tree

Tamukeyama is a red-leaf, dissected (cutleaf/laceleaf) cultivar that grows in a mound or dome to 2m tall spreading by weeping and cascading branching to 2m wide. It features deeply cut and dissected purple red leaves that turn brighter red in fall. Foliage is noted for retaining good color throughout the summer. Small reddish-purple flowers in spring are somewhat attractive on close inspection, but are not showy from a distance. Flowers are followed by samaras that ripen in late summer to autumn.


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