Sophora microphylla
(small-leaved kowhai)


Foliage Colour: Green
Height: 700 cm
Width: 400 cm
Growth per Annum: Medium
Climate: Hardy
Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade, Full Shade
Soil: Dry, Moist
Category: Tree
Features: Native. Attractive to birds, bees, lizards and insects. Flower colour: Yellow. Suitable restoration species.

A small-leaved kowhai which often goes through a tangled juvenile stage. There are many varying forms, some taking many years to flower. Suitable for planting as a shade tree.

Habitat: In the North Island, especially the northern half this is a species of mainly riparian forest. South of about Hamilton it can be found in a diverse range of habitats from coastal cliff faces and associated wetlands to inland grey scrub communities.

Flowering: August to October
Fruiting: October to May


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