Carex testacea


Height: 40 cm
Width: 50 cm
Growth per Annum: Fast
Climate: Hardy
Sun: Full Sun
Soil: Dry
Category: Grass
Features: Native. Suitable restoration species.

A native grass with a distinctive rich orange and green colouring and a weeping form. It is hardy to drought and salt winds. It needs an open situation in full sun to maintain its colour and has very long seed head stems with an arching, rather wide-spreading foliage. Probably the most popular native grass used in amenity planting.

Habitat: Coastal to montane. In sand dunes, coastal forest and scrub, dense forest or short tussock (Festuca novae-zelandiae (Hack.) Cockayne) grassland.

Flowering: September - December
Fruiting:    December - May


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