Acaena inermis purpurea
(purple bidibid)


Foliage Colour: Purple
Height: 5 cm
Width: 20 cm
Growth per Annum: Medium
Climate: Hardy
Sun: Full Sun
Soil: Dry, Moist
Category: Creeper
Features: Native. Attractive to birds and insects. Flower colour: White. Suitable restoration species.

Deep purple ferny leaves intensify in colour in a sunny, open position. Tough plant thriving in exposed places and poor soil but demand good drainage and summer moisture. Best colour in full sun. Will tolerate and even thrive in difficult exposed situations. Very hardy non invasive groundcover. Excellent in rockeries or next to grey or blue-foliaged plants. Can be planted in gravelly situations amongst rocks or paving stones to create a softer edge. Great effect when mass planted.

Habitat: Found in grasslands and fellfields and along the edges of screes up to 1,600m.

Flowering: December - January
Fruiting: January -


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