Lobelia angulata
(panakenake, pratia)


Foliage Colour: Green
Height: 15 cm
Width: 100 cm
Growth per Annum: Medium
Climate: Hardy
Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade, Full Shade
Soil: Moist, Wet
Category: Creeper
Features: Native. Attractive to birds, lizards and insects. Flower colour: White. Suitable restoration species.

Native white flowering groundcover which thrives in damp shady sites, although will grow in sunny situations. Red berries in autumn are attractive to birds. Spreads to 1m wide. Dies back in winter in cold winter areas.

Habitat: Found in damp, sheltered paces up to 1,500m.

Flowering: October to March
Fruiting:    February to April [Fruit: Red]


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