Pittosporum obcordatum
(heart leaved kohuhu)

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Foliage Colour: Green
Height: 400 cm
Width: 200 cm
Growth per Annum: Slow
Climate: Hardy
Sun: Full Sun, Part Shade
Soil: Dry, Moist
Category: Tree
Features: Native. Attractive to birds and insects. Flower colour: Yellow. Suitable restoration species.

Pittosporum obcordatum is a rare, tall column shaped tree native to New Zealand. Naturally grows throughout New Zealand most commonly in eastern lowland alluvial forest favouring sites that are prone to summer drought in order to avoid water logged soils. It gets its column form form the dense interlaced twigs and branchlets that completely cover the trunk. The species has many small rounded leaves and produces small red, pink and yellow fragrant flowers in late spring. Does best in moist, fertile soil in semi-shade.

Habitat: A species of primarily eastern lowland alluvial forest, favouring sites prone to summer drought being otherwise waterlogged, and frost-prone during winter.

Flowering: September to December
Fruiting:    December to May


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