Phormium tenax
(harakeke, swamp flax)


Foliage Colour: Green
Height: 200 cm
Width: 200 cm
Growth per Annum: Medium
Climate: Hardy
Sun: Full Sun
Soil: Dry, Moist, Wet
Category: Flax
Features: Native. Attractive to birds, bees and lizards. Flower colour: Red. Suitable for hedging and shelter. Suitable restoration species.

One of the oldest plant species in New Zealand and it is unique to New Zealand. With its sword-shaped leaves it is a common feature of the New Zealand landscape. It grows up to 2 -3 metres high and its flower stalks can reach up to 4 metres. The flowers are brownish red in Summer, followed by black seed pods that stand upright from the stems. It is very hardy and fast growing with wide environmental tolerances. It will grow in dry and wet conditions, withstand strong and coastal winds and are frost hardy. It is used for hedging or shelter and in mixed native planting. It is also a pioneer plant meaning it should be one of the species planted first in a restoration planting plan as it establishes quickly when planted and shelters other plants.

Habitat: Common from lowland and coastal areas to montane forest, usually but not exclusively, in wetlands and in open ground along riversides.

Flowering: October to December
Fruiting:    January to March


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